Artist: Will Cookson Album: Songs For A Sunday Release Date: 11/09/08 Label: Tinpot Records Link: I'm a huge fan of singer-songwriters, I always have been and I doubt that will ever change, so getting to grips with Edinburgh based Will Cookson's album Songs For Sunday was always going to be a pleasure. Starting with the unassuming 'Autumn Song' this little wonder sets the stall for what's to follow, nice folky twee like music. Many people creating similar styles of music often fall by the wayside due to the simplicity at the heart of this style. A lot of the time three or four chords backing lyrics we've all heard before doesn't really cut it. You'll no doubt see it a million times at any kind of battle of the band type competition but for Cookson he manages to pull it off.  Instead of going down the Celtic-Folk route a la Nick Drake, Cookson travels down the beautiful route of twee, which is mainly down to his laid back vocals. Every time I listen to this record I can't help but think that this is what Stuart Murdoch's solo album might sound like if he ever left Belle & Sebastian, which can't be a bad thing can it? Even with all this said I'm not sure this is the kind of album i'll be listening to a few months down the line. It's good enough for the present but I'm not so sure it will stand the test of time. I guess it comes down to two words which would describe it well. It's nice. It won't offend anyone and it certainly won't inspire anyone enough to fall in love with it but for that walk in a park in Autumn it might just be perfect. Rating: 6.9/10