Last year, the heartbreaking news of East India Youth's visa issues reached us by text as we sat patiently waiting for his arrival in Reykjavík. It ruined the trip for us, and led to a crisis editorial meeting regarding flying home early. How could we enjoy the festival knowing Mr. Doyle was sat at home crying into a fancy pocket square? Surely those delicious hot dogs from Baejarins Beztu Pylsur would taste bitter now? What's the point? "Oh look, it's Björk doing normal people stuff like walking down the street. Björk!" / "East India Who?" / "I'd like some mustard on that please, and some onions."

For William Doyle, this year's Iceland Airwaves serves as an opportunity to put one of 2014's ugliest ghosts to rest. Someone fetch the rotting shark!


I had a busy touring schedule last year when my debut album was released and I was given the chance to perform in many amazing and beautiful places around the world. One of the potential highlights that seemed to be looming ever closer was the prospect of Iceland in November of that year. I'd read plenty about the intriguing Airwaves festival and had a few friends that had attended a number of times who raved about it. Even my sound engineer George was incredibly excited about going, doing plenty of research into what we could and should do as soon as we stepped off of the plane.

Unfortunately we had to cancel our appearance at due to an unusual delay with our US Visas which meant the US Embassy retained our passports. My manager published a typically honest statement about our cancellation here. Crestfallen by this cancellation and with the perception of East India Youth by the lovely people at Airwaves understandably in question, our hopes of hitting up the great frozen paradise of the Nordic Region diminished considerably. Luckily though, Airwaves offered us a slot for the 2015 edition and we waived our fee as some compensation for our screw-up the year before. Now, again, hooray! We are on our way!

This year I'll be looking forward to seeing a few of the wide array of bands playing in Iceland's capital, such as (among others) Anna B Savage, Bo Ningen, Braids, Ghostigital, LA Priest, Mercury Rev, The Pop Group, and out of complete and utter curiosity the similarly named East Of My Youth (plus whatever Icelandic bands people throw at me). We shall do our best to get stuck into the blue lagoons, the geysers and some late night drinking - for a big fan of the Einstök beers am I. We've rented a car for some exploring but I'll be leaving the itinerary to George who I think felt the disappointment more bitterly than any of us last year. May the Northern Lights shine upon us.

Iceland Airwaves takes place November 5-9th in Reykjavik. You can purchase tickets by heading to the official festival website,