Update: Will.i.am. has taken to Twitter to update everyone on the situation. Apparently he's not suing Pharrell.

Two words. Three Letters. Countless annoyance.

In a baffling turn of events, rapper/producer Will.i.am, a fun name to type, is pursuing legal action against Pharrell Williams. Williams' creative venture, branded "I am OTHER" is already quite popular, but Will.i.am asserts that the name is "confusingly similar" to the Black Eyed Pea member's moniker. Adding to the strangeness is Will's claim that he has ownership over those two words.

Digging deeper, the issue here derives from a wide array of goods that will feature both Will's "I AM" trademark as well as Pharrell's "I am OTHER" worrying that the marks will dilute each other in the marketplace. Will may have a point because I feel conflicted over who I'm currently more aggravated with in this scenario.

Pharrell spoke with Rolling Stone about the suit, calling it "meritless and ridiculous." Williams says he reached out many times to his "fellow artist" Will earlier in an effort to reach a compromise, but heard nothing until Will's filing.

For now, I AM certain we should grab up all the words we can before they are trademarked by someone else.

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