We heard back in February that Will Smith has been going into the studio with Kanye West and getting advice on writing songs from his son, Jaden, of all people. But aside from this news of musicmaking mobilisation, Will has actually made a real comeback to the world of music in the form of hopping on a remix for a song called 'Fiesta' by Colombian band, Bomba Estéreo, after discovering them on a recent trip to Colombia.

Simon Mejia, the band's founder, had this to say:

"When I was told that Will Smith wanted to collaborate on a remix with Bomba, I couldn't believe it. This opportunity to work with Will was beyond anything we have dreamed of… It's just magic."

Listen to the track below, with verses from Will Smith in both English and Spanish. Is it the first time he's ever sworn in a song? We're not sure. Anyway, you can grab it from iTunes here, if you like.