With the first ever 405 event looming on the horizon (and following on from Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla The Girls New York list) We thought it would be prudent to invite Saturday's headlining band over to 405 HQ to inform us of their favourite things about the fair city of London before they rock it to its very foundations.

Monmouth Coffee Rough Trade Records National Gallery National Portrait Gallery Southbank Centre Tate Modern Cycle Couriers (fixed) The Chocolate Society (mega yum yum) Hyde Park Serpentine Gallery V&A St James Park The British Museum Art Students The Thames Tower Bridge Skateboarders (roughriding and unloved) Borough Market!!!!!! Proper English Eccentrics (rare) Trees that reach for the light Parks that stay open Free outdoor swimming Free Galleries and Museums!!! Yakuatcha Music and Video Exchange NFT Prince Charles Cinema Bubble Tea in Chinatown Fresh Dumplings in Chinatown Good Buskers Mobile Clubbing Giving Directions - An art form here - nothing is easy Black Cabs - That door clicking sound only they have Muffins @ Fresh and Wild (wholefoods really) Fernandez and Wells (monmouth coffee but more and with a super snazzy machine) NOT oxford st (see television personalities) Sometimes the tube - if its not busy and I'm reading a good book EARLY SATURDAY AND SUNDAY MORNINGS (when its quiet and the city can breathe) Barbican - woa - CoNcReTe (but fun fun inside) The GREEN bits (because they are rare) Appreciative Tourists - because they WOW the things we have to walk past everyday Nelsons Column & the Lions (that you used to be able to climb on) Dury Lane (Just for the Ecco Sandwich shop really) Old Man Pubs (Especially around Covent Garden) Victorian Houses (North and South London) Tower of London Tower of London The Cutty Sark The New Cross music scene The Lewisham Music scene Beefeaters The City Of London Police Cockney greengrocers Free summer festivals Greenwich Park (in the winter) Blackheath Fireworks Mind The Gap signs (that nobody ever falls through) The Fox (Lewisham) Foxes (at night obviously) St. Pauls (just for skating memories) The City of London (Bishopsgate in particular) LSE DLR (David Lee Roth) Fox Fest The John Kennedy Show on XFM White Heat Family and Friends Cobbled Streets Blackheath Village Utrophia South Kensington student unions Royal Albert Hall Royal Opera House Camden Market Covent Garden Market Lewisham High Street SoHo Cockneys Old School Police Officers The Greenwich Observatory Brick Lane Bagel Shop (both of them) Blackheath Tea Hut The Windmill all day BBQ’s Simon 9 (Best DJ in the South East) The Cornish Bar (Pasties and Beers and you can smoke on the Balcony) Thomas Tallis School Paul (Bakery) Resonance FM The Strand Regents Street (just because it bends) Ice Cream Vans in the autumn The fact that we're a city means every band that ever goes on tour comes to town. You never miss a thing really. Soho Parish School always makes me laugh (sandwiched between a brothel and a strip club) All-you-can-eat at Mr Wu's Curzon Cinemas The London Short Film Festival Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese The Anne Bolyn Boris Johnson's hairdo A higher calibre of tramps Designer Sandwhich Shop (Covent Garden) Red Telephone boxes