Nashville guitarist William Tyler has become synonymous with the sounds of Southern America over the course of his career to date, but his electrified guitar jaunts seem to have undergone some changes in recent years. Tyler has moved from Tennessee out to the storied California coast, and appropriately he's written an album about it called Goes West (or William Tyler Goes West). It's due out on Merge Records on January 25th.

Aside from the geographical move, the other major change on Tyler's new record is that he himself is only playing acoustic guitar throughout. But never fear, he has assembled a fantastic band, including guitarists Meg Duffy and Bill Frisell, so that element will not be missed. It certainly isn't in 'Fail Safe', the glowing new track, and first to be shared from the album. Tyler makes the core of the song on his acoustic, rambling along as usual in rising and falling progressions, describing those long West coast sunsets. All around him his band is equally jaunty and playful, flitting up and down and all around his central figure to create a resplendent whole. Check out 'Fail Safe' below.

William Tyler's new album Goes West comes out January 25th on Merge.