Months after the release of his surprise Curious Cool EP, Willis Earl Beal has officially split from XL Recordings.

The Chicago-born singer-songwriter was noted as the flagship artist of XL's Hot Charity imprint. In an interview with Under The Radar, Beal noted quite a bit of difference between what he was looking for in the label and what was given.

In the interview he said, "What I needed was the attention by the record label and the support of the record label, but I think I should have been signed to a more substantial subsidiary within XL Records, because the subsidiary I signed to [Hot Charity] was an upstart. I was the flagship artist. And with respect to the people involved, I just don't think that they were prepared — not only to deal with an artist but to deal with a human being."

Beal also mentions "legal disputes, misappropriations of funds, songwriting credits—all sorts of things" as part of the reason of why he decided to move on from Hot Charity. In the move, Beal also announced that he'll be self-releasing his forthcoming studio LP Experiments In time, which he describes as a "lo-fi symphony."

Beal's notorious rise began after dropping out of the X Factor years ago, signing to Hot Charity in 2012. He released two albums with the label including his debut Acousmatic Sorcery. Experiments In Time will be released August 8th. Until then, listen to the Curious Cool EP below.