We all know the impact that hundreds of labels and bands have felt as a consequence to the devastating PIAS sony warehouse fire; what has been a positive to come out from this dark news is the passionate rally of the music community (unless you're the odious human Alan Mcgee), in an attempt to make sure not one label/artists has to suffer as a result.

    Willkommen Records is just one of these affected labels. Rather than letting us do the talking, here is their message right from the heart in relation to the release of their free album.

    At Willkommen Records we lost over 95% of our stock in the PIAS fire. This means that our touring bands have nothing to sell. There is nothing going to Amazon or HMV.

    Thing is though, we're an active Collective as well as a label. So we got together and recorded each others songs with a very short deadline, with the objective of raising money for the excellent LabelLove campaign.

    By doing this, we're giving away everything we make to try and help out all the other small labels who have been affected by the fire.

    I'm immensely proud of and humbled by the weird and wonderful record that has sprung up from out of nowhere.

    Highlights include Rozi Plain, Eyes & No Eyes, Rachael Dadd and Richard Dawson, but really the whole album is intriguing and engaging.

    Download it for free from willkommencollective.bandcamp.com. If you have the means, I strongly encourage you to then donate what you can to the LabelLove fund: details are on the site.

    And for one last plug, come see our awesome festival this Sunday at Stanmer House in Brighton - it's called The Willkommen Foxtrot and it features Herman Düne, Peggy Sue, Sam Amidon, The Memory Band and many more.

So, go and download the new album as it really is super, and get down to the festival this Sunday in Brighton if you can.

Tickets available for the show here