In an advertising campaign for Arcade Fire's new album Reflektor, numerous graffiti-like designs have popped up in cities, including recently in Austin, Texas.

A city resident named Ian Dille noted the tactic used by the band's promotional team, citing a few problems that didn't sit well with him and his wife – both, ironically, fans of the band.

He said; “If you’re a talented young artist who considers the urban environment your canvas, by all means, spray-paint a building. If you’ve got a radical social agenda and you think spray-painting property is the best way to convey your message? Go ahead. If you’re a gangbanger and you want to mark your territory, I can learn to live with that.

"But if you’re an internationally renowned band that’s defacing public and private property for promotional purposes, maybe go back to the drawing board, and think some more about how you want to let people know about your music."

The letter, which was published on a blog, got the attention of frontman Win Butler, who produced a genuine written apology for the graffiti. Read Butler's response here.

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