Gothenberg’s Ikons manage that rare trick of being able to look back whilst simultaneously looking forward: Paying homage to what has come before, paying their respects and making reference whilst also taking their music forward in a more exciting direction. Combining shoegaze elements with pop elements and also adding some chopped up vocal samples for good measure.

The band will be headlining The Old Blue Last on Friday October 5th and it is absolutely FREE, so now you have no excuse to not indulge your curiosity.

Also, up for grabs are both albums on CD (self-titled and Life Rhythm), a t-shirt and a patch! We have been assured that they are very well designed and are "bright neon," so that's something else to get excited about.

To win the whole lot, just email the answer of this simple question to:

    Gothenberg is the second largest city of which European country?

  • A. Denmark
  • B. Sweden
  • C. Tuvalu