Lately here at 405 HQ, we've been loving S.C.U.M, and it looks like we're not the only ones; their 'Summon The Sounds' single has already been remixed by the likes of Purity Ring, Grimes and Christian AIDS. S.C.U.M will be launching their brand spanking new single 'Amber Hands' at Electowerkz on July 13th with support from the awesomely-named History of Apple Pie, Advert and Stanley Schinter. Have you seen the (video) to the 'Amber Hands'? It was directed by no other than Matthew Stone, who's worked with people like These New Puritans and Dazed & Confused. Stone will even be there on the night doing some film stuff.

What we're saying, really, is S.C.U.M are pretty fucking cool and make super music, so why not grab the chance to see them at one of the coolest venues in London? Between you and me, the beer there is cheap, so that helps as well. For your chance to see S.C.U.M at Electrowerkz answer this simple question...

S.C.U.M are playing at the Portishead-curated I'll Be Your Mirror ATP festival in July; where is it taking place?

  • a) Butlins Minehead
  • b) O2 Academy Oxford
  • c) London's Alexandra Palace

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