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It's not me, it's you, Winter Drones. That's four times I've listened to these seven tracks now, and for the fourth time I realise I'm doing so only as track three kicks in. This suggests the first two tracks are quite forgettable, but therein lies the unexpected pleasure of the second solo album by Leon Dufficy of Still Corners.

The first track is 'Eyes of Sunshine', and it does drift by in an almost lullaby-like trance. At the start of the album it's an odd way to hook you in given the distractions of 21st-century life, yet having forced myself to stop looking at random bloody web pages and actually listen, it's quite captivating, the type of mysterious dream pop that rewards attention.

The second track is redundant though, 'Interlude 1', I was right about that.

'Ignore The Night' is possibly the strongest track on the album, an ode to Real Estate and a genuine delight. The track has a way of rewarding the art of staring into space, allowing the mind to wander with a thoroughly pleasant soundtrack, as four minutes of your life pass by without thoughts of work or stress or death or taxes. 'Bongs Dream prt2' is also impressive, if peculiar - it's fair to say those seven minutes don't start quite how they began.

'Kidneys' and 'She was a ghost of Herself' are twins on this LP, not entirely convincing in their instrumentation, but certainly the right side of dull. 'Towns Alight' is the most conventional track of the seven - My Bloody Valentine meets Sonic Youth, the second part of which may not be surprising given Dufficy's Kevin Bacon-like connection with Thurston Moore via the bands Hush Arbors and Chelsea Light Moving.

The ever-floppy fringe of shoegaze hangs ahead of each track on the record, and Heavy Eyes works a lot better than I was initially inclined to give it credit for. At only 31 minutes it's not an epic of the genre, but it grows and swirls and glows and whirls like any good dream-pop record should, and there's no real need to ask for anything more.

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