With her new single and EP, Jesse Jo Starkis here to convince us that love is not fleeting, but regenerative. 'Dandelion' is the title track of the LA pop goddess’ latest EP, which is out now. Come for the warm, golden rock hues, but stay for Stark’s delicate wisdom.

“A dandelion flower actually owns two faces. one, a bright light yellow and the other, a delicate white puff, gentle to yer touch. love to me is like a dandelion. each time it fades away... it grows back to dance with you, time after time“ - Jesse Jo Stark

We have endless love in our soul. It changes faces with every relationship, always seeming to add depth to the feeling. And then when it’s over, nothing can convince you will ever fall in love again. But Jesse Jo Stark is here to offer reassurance with 'Dandelion'. With a leisurely tempo, the track leads us to a smoky, velvet-textured lounge, where we can simultaneously let go and embrace all our iterations of love.

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