Happy Valley Records presents a track by London duo Lung Dart (slang for "cigarette", apparently) called 'B. OK'. It's warm and robust and ticking urgently like a Geiger counter and features floating phantomatic vocals. There's a wistful shroud draped over its shoulders, head and face as it casts the same eyes and the same expression on all the sights it sees. Tired, longing, never-changing eyes. Sad and pretty and clatteringly liquid. It's taken from their upcoming Ebbs EP, due for release on 27th April.

The duo were kind enough to share some thoughts behind the track when we sent them a few questions via email:

What's the inspiration/idea behind the track?
When we wrote and made 'B. OK' we had been watching this video at the same time as this for a while. You watch Kilroy and let Arvo play in the background. It's really something.

Is there any particular time or place in the universe where it'd sound best?
With all our music we imagine that the listener is either travelling about with a pair of headphones on, in their own little world, on the train, bus or in a car (you also can listen to it on a plane if you want, don't think anyone's listened to lung dart on a plane yet) or if the listener isn't mobile or out and about, then we hope they'll just choose a place they've never been to before and just walk around the area on google street view.

With 'B. OK' I reckon it'd be good if they headed over to Japan and checked out the abandoned town of Namie-machi, near the Fukushima plant. It's also worthwhile to invert your computer screen.

How do you hope or imagine people will react to it?
I think we'd be happy if a person heard the song and thought, 'That's alright, wouldn't mind hearing some more of their stuff. I might buy the vinyl. The artwork's nice.'