Many have forgotten, but at the heart of Denmark lies a darkly synth-driven outfit called Sparkling. After forming in 2002, the duo of Carsten Mørch-Bentzen (vox) and Jens Christian Madsen (synths) took time to themselves, having released a single album and EP ever since the duo was conceived. But this does not mean the two were away spitting into the wind and kicking rocks. They spent time refining their craft and honing into a sound that is equally majestic as it is dark and contemporary as it is nostalgic.

Following there previously released single ‘Fractions’ and before that, ‘Say Goodbye to the Ragged Tiger,’ their latest track ‘Blossom Blood’ feels likewise. With this pulsingly measured new wave number, Sparkling ensures that every instrument and sound has its purpose, allowing the song to disclose a manic tone but a rhythm that is supremely infectious. With a pulsing night club energy that cannot be shed, a propelling bass hook and drums produced to the highest quality, this display of Scandinavian synth-pop is delectable in the darkest and most alluring way as Mørch-Bentzen reflects upon bittersweet—more bitter than sweet—lovelorn memories:

“I took a trip in time / A brief moment outside / You killed the merry moments / Your kisses are blue”

Synth player Jens Christian Madsen, the alchemist behind this precise new-er wave sound says, “Blossom Blood was one of the first songs we wrapped for the album. It’s a powerhouse, a no-rules-at-all kinda song that ranges from electro over noise rock to ambient. Fun fact: If you google long enough you may find a video where Tom Hiddleston is dancing to an early edit of the song that was used for the trailer of renowned film festival CPH PIX in 2016!”

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