Bless you, Jon Stewart and The Daily Show, for doing what we all needed as a common humanity: bringing the Wu-Tang Clan together to reconcile, put aside their differences, and reunite. With their recent troubles of unpaid interns, a $5 million dollar album, and the constant fighting amongst members, it seemed like an impossible task, but on a recent episode of the show they actually sat down and talked for the first time in a while.

The entire collective sat down with Stewart to talk about their new album A Better Tomorrow, which will in fact still be getting released in November. They talked about their need to release a new album in addition to the creative and business troubles they had to push through to make it happen, and what we can expect from the record. They even gave Stewart his own Wu-Tang shirt!

They performed a new song titled 'Ron O'Neal', which is taken from A Better Tomorrow, alongside the Wu-Tang classic 'Triumph'. There are a few select clips below, or you can watch the full episode over at Comedy Central's website.