Our Fertile Forever, the debut LP from Scottish duo WOMPS, has been one of 2016's most pleasing little slices of indie rock. The ten-track collection is packed to capacity with intoxicating hooks and a palpable energy that it is simply infectious. Now, one of the album's strongest tracks, 'Manners', has a jaggedly striking video accompaniment.

Presented through a purplish VHS haze, 'Manners' takes on a new life as WOMPS romps and rollicks through this stomping number. The simple kit make up of drummer Owen Wicksted punches and pounds as an insatiable guitar hook kicks up through the mix. The band's late '80s/early '90s Glasgow influences are imbued with a top flight pop sensibility here, and the video’s presentation reflects this.

"We essentially wanted to make a video that's visually representative of the sound, scene we admire and style we're moving towards," said vocalist/guitarist Ewan Grant. "To do this we shot with Kristoffer Muir at Broadscope studios on an old handycam then filmed through the lens of the handycam with another one. We just really liked old footage from Glasgow bands like The Pastels. The concept is somewhat in-keeping with the album art but I'll leave that to the viewer."

Listen to 'Manners' below and check out Our Fertile Forever.