Wood Festival is the smaller, greener and quieter sister-festival to the exemplary Truck and carries its admiral ethic and knack for providing a straight-up lovely time along with it. With an emphasis on folk-music, punters certainly shouldn’t expect any late-night raves but they can expect a feast of excellent music and a wonderful, family-friendly atmosphere. In amongst the strong line up are some real stand outs that I for one, cannot wait to see. The Epstein The Epstein are currently Oxford’s premier Americana act. Their songs soar and develop with a natural beauty and genuinely rustic edge. With two compelling releases behind them, and the stamp-of-approval from none other than Whispering Bob Harris, The Epstein could be one of this year’s most engaging acts. Willy Mason To many, Willy Mason is an artist who needs no introduction. The beauty of his appeal is that while he maintains a passionate base of fans, to many, he remains unheard, the kind of artists you can’t wait to show your friend. With songs full of spirit, head-turning melodies and genuine soul, he is bound to win over many a folk-fan this weekend who will, if they’re smart anyway, be there to see him on word-of-mouth alone. Band of Hope Causing a stir on both the BBC Introducing circuit as well as the unnaturally vibrant Oxford scene, Band of Hope are experts of dark, inherently tragic country-folk, in the realms of Villagers and the ballads of Jonny Cash. Opening a stage is never easy, but this harmony-laden set should prove a perfect start to the Saturday. Treetop Flyers Things in the Treetop Flyers camp have, as they say, stepped up in recent months. Developing from one of those bands whose name is banded around with other excellent London acts to a standout act in their own right, with triumphant sets at the calendar’s vital exposure events. Their sound is of the Midlake/Wilco kind that, at a festival such as Wood, is simply perfect. Unafraid sonically, all the while restrained, this penultimate set on the smaller stage on Sunday could prove to be an early climatic experience. Dreaming Spires Dreaming Spires are in a little way, something of an Oxford legend. Comprising of the two brothers behind Truck Festival, they are its fair to say, connected. No set is the same; the line-up is inclined to welcome in a few famous faces from time to time and given that they have been generously assigned as headliners for the Tree Tent Stage on Saturday, I wouldn’t be surprised if the set contained a few cameos, which in many respects, is a perfect example of the spirit of Wood Festival.