We've had our eyes on synth-pop six piece Young Kato since way back in 2013, so it would make sense that we're pretty thrilled that we get the opportunity to bring you the exclusive stream of their debut album Don't Wait 'Til Tomorrow, which drops next week on 3 May via Republic of Music. Its 11 tracks are playful, fun tunes in the vein of Smallpools or Walk the Moon, and is every bit as bright as the artwork itself making it a perfect record for the warm weather of summer.

Below the stream, we also have an exclusive track-by-track from the band about each of the record's songs and what their inspiration was. Don't wait 'til tomorrow - check it all out below!


A joyous, sun kissed, feel good tune, written in the summer of 2014 in Sam's garden. The body of the song is simple, we wanted to allow our top lines, melodies and hooks to shine through. Lyrically we tried to capture a holiday scene, basking in the glow of the sun. Hopefully people can escape to this listening to this song whatever the weather.

Drink, Dance, Play

Arguably our biggest song in many ways. We've been playing this song for over 3 and a half years and it still feels brand new at every show. It's opened so many doors for our band and we have loved taking this song and evolving it over the years. Lyrically it's our mantra; to have fun and be young.


Heavy synths and unforgivable hooks. The song lyrically is based on the idea of using drugs and their effects to personify a relationship - 'And now the fix has gone, you are my only hit'.

Children Of The Stars

A rose tinted look back upon our childhoods. A song for all 90's kids alike. Sonically we took inspiration from various Australian Synth pop bands. It's definitely a 'sing with a smile tune', and hopefully it will make others feel how we felt when writing it.


80's inspired off your nut tune. Packed with heavy breathing loops inspired by bands such as Kraftwerk. The songs setting is after a one night stand, wondering if the girl will ever remember who you were 'Could you pick me out of a crowd, do you remember me at all?'.


Lights is definitely a fan favourite and one we love playing live. We feel it's a powerful tune with one of our biggest choruses. Lyrically we pictured a festival field set around 1am, in our experience this is only the beginning of the night.


It's simply a love song. We went about trying to write a classic ballad and this is what came out of it. We love the simplicity of it and the emotion it carries. We also think it sits beautifully in the album and shows people a different side to the band and what we're capable of.


Stephanie is a love song taken too far. Hidden in between our joyous melodies lies a darker theme. We wrote the lyrics in first person to allow the listeners to get into the mind set of this fictional character we created.


Runaway is about letting loose, escaping everyday monotony. Acting as a sequel to track 8 (STEPHANIE) it pictures our protagonist on the run from the law. We feel Runaway's statement can relate to everyone at a point in their lives 'I'm Free, I'm Alive, I'm a Runaway'.


Revolution takes us straight back to our hometown (Cheltenham). It was one of the first songs we ever wrote, but it's stood the test of time as it's always been a favourite of ours.

Just Say The Word Away

This song is track 11, the end to our debut album. We wanted this to sound 'otherworldly' in it's production style. It is written in a slightly different way to the other songs and opposes the tradition pop structure. The song doesn't have an obvious chorus, instead the song crescendos into the final closing moments of the record.

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