A 1981 video nasty which involves the rebellion of a kid who does not fit into any group at school therefore gets constant grief from other kids for being a nerd. There is nothing wrong with being an unfortunate member of the system who lacks in social skills, looks, abilities to be 'cool' and to wear a buttoned-up-to-the-collar shirt. This film comments on this essential phase of growing up. As a result Stanley Coopersmith, the troubled teenager played by Clint Howard, eventually finds a 'way' to say "F*** YOU!" to his bullies. Not to spoil the story at all, we journey with him to find Satan in a computer which grants him the power to stand his ground. In return for this power, the devil demands human blood. So Stanley brings death and destruction, mostly with a gleaming medieval sword and an army of wild boars, to this peers and teachers. The different methods of killing I will leave it to you to find out. They are pretty awesome!

There are a few visual treats in this truly evil flick: (a) The glowing vector graphics on the computer whenever Satan appears. (b) The flawless artificial chest in the 'heart ripping out' scene. (c) Clint Howard's hair is incredibly versatile in looking timelessly cool ( this phenomena can also be seen in his later film 'The Wraith' with Charlie Sheen, who possesses incredible hair too)...Without a doubt, there will be more gems you will discover yourself!

Last but no least, Clint Howard's performance sheds a heartfelt tear of sympathy for someone who who gets type casted for the Austin Power movies. Although at points it is quite over-the-top but he demonstrates true talent in portraying the character's inner struggle and demonic tendencies. He reminded me of times when I wish I could have avenged on those d***heads who made a few years of my life pretty shitty. "All nerds united and hail Satan! For we are your children and we evoke thee this night!"

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