Wormstar is the project of Auckland, NZ based (but Montreal, Quebec born) DIY singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Alex Angrignon. With Turning Red, Wormstar's debut album, Alex lays down a soundworld which (much like his recording name) places an equal importance on the beautiful and the ugly, be that classic pop-ready melodies lurking beneath fuzzy guitar riffs, or whimsical storytelling concealing genuine heartbreak.

While an obvious contemporary style comparison would be the work of Domino Recording Co. artist Alex G, I suspect Alex draws influence from a mixture of jangly guitar-pop artists connected with the Flying Nun rooted New Zealand tradition and the '80s/'90s US indie rock movement (think Pavement, Yo La Tengo, etc).

As an instrumentalist, Alex has an expressive and functional, but spare style. His vocals are similar, doing exactly what they need to do with no extra frills. Supported by drums from Al Humphreys, he has crafted a record that gives that little bit more with every listen.