London trio, Wovoka Gentle know how to do trippy. They know how to implement colour for a sporadic blend of modern psychedelia and they've delivered exactly that with the release of their latest video for new single, 'When Cameron Was In Egypt's Land Let My Cameron Go'.

Wovoka Gentle are all set to headline their fourth show on September 29 at East London's Chats Palace. Watch their latest video (directed by Olivia Norris) and read more about the inspiration behind the madness below.

What artist/ filmmakers inspired this video?

I have been looking at loads of music videos at the moment. I really like the techno-surreal nature of '18+' videos and I always seem to go back to Yellow Ostrich 'Hahahaohhoho'. I love how the music and imagery synchronise and contrast. Recently a friend showed me Elisabeth Price's film 'The Woolworths Choir of 1979' and her use of repeated split screen has definitely influenced this video.

How did you get from listening to the track to realising the concept?

The film focuses on one person, repeating his non-movements or the movements in-between. The slower the music the more abstract his body and movements become. An image of a boy taking of his shoes to enter a garden in the lyrics really stayed in my mind. "Theres a garden in my soul, where I go". I enjoyed the slightly ridiculous uplifting psychedelic force within the music and I mimicked this, imagining the garden as a transcendental force visualised in a colourful hypnotic explosion.

Wovoka Gentle's new EP, Red, is out on October 7th.