Los Angeles based singer/songwriter Wrabel has recently found himself with quite a good deal of popularity. His track 'Ten Feet Tall' was noticed by his Island Records labelmate, EDM heavyweight Afrojack, who then took the song and made a remix that's been used in a Super Bowl ad and performed to hundreds of thousands of people live. Today, we've got an exclusive look into the recording process behind his Sideways EP and how he feels about going to festivals like Tomorrowland to perform the song live alongside Afrojack.

Sideways brought together a huge list of hard-hitting collaborators, including Jimmy Hogarth (Amy Winehouse), Chris Braide (Beyonce, Sia), Jim Eliot (Ellie Goulding), Drew Pearson (One Republic, Katy Perry) Dan Black, and Greg Wells. The EP came out this past June, and you can pick it up on iTunes if you like what you hear (hint: you probably will). Watch his new Track By Track video below, and head over to his SoundCloud to get a taste of his music.

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