Wu-Tang Clan's forthcoming new album, Once Upon A Time in Shaolin, is a strange one. Not musically of course, because a) we've not heard it and b) it's unlikely we'll get to hear it for quite some time. Let us explain...

The idea is that they'll be pressing one copy, which will then be paraded around museums and galleries before being sold to the highest bidder, which is probably going to be in the millions if RZA's recent claims turn out to be true.

If the whole concept makes you sad, fear not: Forbes made their way our to Marrakesh to spin the album and capture the journey for a pretty decent video featuring interviews and a clip of a song featuring Ghostface Killah and a Cher-a-like (it's probably Cher) .

You can watch the video by heading here. Skip to the nine minute mark for the music.

Update: It has been confirmed (via Rolling Stone) that Cher does indeed feature on that track. Not only that, but she apparently guests on another track found on the album. Wowza.