On December 1st we'll finally be getting one of those two new albums from the Wu-Tang Clan, their 20th anniversary album A Better Tomorrow. Below, you can stream the title track - the album also marks their first release on Warner Bros. Records. Read a statement from the legendary rap group about the record below.

“Wu-Tang Clan is excited to join the Warner family of esteemed artists. After 20 years in the business with different label outlets, we are delighted to be amongst a team of industry professionals who understand our unique artistry and will help spread it to the masses unadulterated. RZA and his brother Divine CEO of Wu-Tang felt synergy with executive/producer Rob Cavallo and Cameron Strang, and decided Warner Bros. would be a suitable home for their brand and band, and a great place to carry on the Wu-Tang saga. In the words of Ghostface, when it comes to being signed to Warner Bros., ‘we're getting Bugs Bunny money.’”

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