Wye Oak present Tween, a collection of eight songs that were all at some point put on the shelf for various reasons throughout their career. There's an awkwardness to the title that is perfect to describe something in the process of becoming something else. They've also released the video for new song 'Watching the Waiting.'

"The mirror-hair girl—inspired somewhat by the Sutherland sisters, and the concept of external-internal individuation and connection—first originated as a painting and was brought to life to emulate the song’s momentum and drive," co-director Ashley North Compton said of the clip.

  • Tween track list:
  • 1. Out of Nowhere
  • 2. If You Should See
  • 3. No Dreaming
  • 4. Too Right
  • 5. Better (For Esther)
  • 6. On Luxury
  • 7. Trigger Finger
  • 8. Watching the Waiting