London trio Wyldest are releasing their debut album Dream Chaos this Friday. Having previously brought you the escapist 'Alive', this week the band shows a tenser side of their jangling atmospheric sound with 'Quiet Violet'.

The song slopes along on more restrained guitars and a creeping bass, which simply but effectively turns their combination into something more sinister. Amidst this, singer Zoe Mead's tale of quotidian struggle and the physical effect of living in a busy urban environment leave a hefty impression. Nevertheless, Wyldest still imbue 'Quiet Violet' with an exciting breakdown and a clenched-fist chorus, speaking of the determination to overcome.

'Quiet Violet' also comes with a video starring Ellen Girdler, directed by Mead, which emphasises the themes of the track. They explain this further:

“Quiet Violet” tells the common tale of a struggling adult who succumbs to societal pressures and gets themselves trapped in a life full of broken dreams and frustration. When you do things against your own dreams to please others, it can be easy to find yourself stuck in a life you find hollow and suffocating. “Quiet Violet” represents a passive character, unable to fight the pressure around them to live the life they choose. This happens in all walks of life, all around the world and commonly to females. From forced marriages all the way through to being respected less by employers, females regularly get the short straw when it comes to choosing their own path and much of the time it takes a rare strength to overcome it.

"The heroine of our video is a female shown working in a laundrette, dreaming of a life amongst nature and truth, away from capitalism and a life chosen for her. The video enters the character’s life at a turning point - showing her daily turmoil - desire to go back to the simplicity and perfect ignorance of childhood."

Wyldest's debut album Dream Chaos is out this Friday, March 1st, via Hand In Hive. They've got these live dates upcoming:

Tuesday 5th - Sebright Arms, London
Thursday 7th - Hy-Brasil, Bristol
Friday 8th - The Forum, Tunbridge Wells (International Women’s Day Event)
Saturday 9th - The Craufurd Arms, Milton Keynes
Sunday 10th - Jacaranda Phase One, Liverpool
Monday 11th - The Fulford Arms, York
Tuesday 12th - Duffy’s, Leicester
Friday 15th - Bermuda Bob’s, Norwich
Tuesday 19th - Fusion Arts, Oxford
Wednesday 20th - Heartbreakers, Southampton