London trio Wyldest have been buzzing about the Capital's live scene for a couple of years, releasing a couple of rapturously received EPs. They've recently announced that they'll be releasing their debut album Dream Chaos via Hand in Hive on March 1st, and today we have for you a brand new track taken from the album called 'Alive', as well as an interview with the band about the album.

While we're in the midst of the winter chill, putting on the summer sounds of Wyldest might not be the most natural decision at first, but it speaks to how warmth is encoded into the very DNA of their sound that their music has the ability to evoke the carefree bliss of summer. The new track we have for you today, 'Alive' is a perfect example; a gracefully sashaying track in which drummer Jack Gooderham displays a deft touch to underscore Zoe Mead's guitar and Mariin Kallikorm's bass which flit around each other like fireflies. Mead's vocal implores us not to look back, but the temptation is so great when listening to Wyldest's impressionistic sound, which so readily deploys fond remembrances in your mind.

With 'Alive' and previous single 'Headrush' now out, it's all teeing up beautifully for their debut album Dream Chaos. Listen to 'Alive' below, and then read our interview with Wyldest about the debut album beneath. You'll probably also want to try to catch them on their nationwide tour in March.

What was the inspiration for the title of your debut album, Dream Chaos?

Dream Chaos is an idea that evolved over the course of 2018. We often talk about how easy it is to get lost in the modern consumerist world. It can be a very safe and sane place - go to work, earn money, buy stuff etc. - but at the same time a person following a path chosen for them will never be truly happy. Dream Chaos is about breaking-out of that lifestyle and our society, escaping to nature, but then realising that neither of the extremes work. There needs to be a golden middle, the cohesion of routine and spontaneity, city and nature.

The album cover is beautiful, where does it come from and how does it tie in with the title and the sound of the record?

Thank you - it was taken by our friend Tom Gaiger, who's an amazing photographer. The image represents bending norms and allowing yourself to be free from societal norms. The top left represents the ‘chaos' and the bottom right represents the 'dream' - there is a line between the two - going back to the notion of the 'golden middle'.

That's the artsy symbolic stuff! But what makes the image additionally special is that it was taken when we'd just arrived in Austin to play our first run of international shows at SXSW and we were jet-lagged, hangry and anxious. We all share a memory of how and where the photo was captured. It's an ambiguous image and it's fun to hear people interpret what they think they’re seeing when they look at it.

Your sound has such a natural brightness and lightness, did it come about naturally when you started playing together?

Yes - it's been a journey which has led up to style that you’ll hear on Dream Chaos. We're all very optimistic people, we wear our hearts like a big L on our foreheads and the brightness and lightness you're hearing is probably a result of that. When we started out, we tried to put ourselves in a box genre-wise but we've sort of given up on that now. With things moving more DIY and free-speech and self expression becoming more prevalent, we just want to make music we love making honestly and with passion.

The new single 'Alive' is about not looking back in order to preserve beautiful memories, as you sing "looking back never helped anyway," what brought you to this realisation?

'Alive' is about letting a beautiful memory stay as a beautiful memory and resisting the temptation to go back and try to resurrect a chapter in your life which ended for a good reason. It's easy to look back on previous chapters in your life - perhaps former loves - especially if you're the one left with a broken heart. You may.desire to go back in time to right past wrongs but dwelling on past events never got anybody anywhere.

In the new track you sing about "children of the night feeling alive" - is that you?

Yes and no. At one point in her book Just Kids, Patti Smith refers to herself and Robert Mapplethorpe as "children of the night." We're both huge fans of Patti and her work. In the book, her and Robert have this crazy love in the backdrop of 1970's bohemian New York. Their love is so interesting because it breaks so many social norms but their love is pure and relatable for anyone who has experienced such a innocent and exhilarating desire for another.

The song isn't about Patti and Robert exactly; it just borrows some of the ideas about being so in love that everything around melts away and you and your partner are all that matter, like a you against the world kinda thing.

If you had to sum up what people can expect to hear on Dream Chaos in one sentence, what would you say?

Music as escapism and the soundtrack to your nature-filled road trip.

What are some examples of music/books/films/TV/other that inspire each of you in Wyldest and may have had an influence on the album?

We spend a lot of time sharing stories about experiences we’ve had and things we’ve read/watched. Of course Patti Smith’s poetry and novels; in fact we read a lot of musician biography novels.

Any film by Sophia Coppola and Spike Jonze to be inspired by the beautiful cinematography and incredible soundtracks: Air’s soundtracks for Lost in Translation and Virgin Suicides spring to mind.

We spend time delving into the trove of 90’s shoegaze albums by bands like Slowdive, Mazzy Star and MBV. Also constantly going to friends' gigs and being inspired by both old and new music.

Finally, this album wouldn't be complete without obsessing over dystopian novels written of Orwell, Kafka and Bradbury.


Wyldest's debut album Dream Chaos is out on March 1st through Hand in Hive (pre-order). They'll be touring the UK shortly after.

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