Label: Xtra Mile Recordings Release date: 27/07/09 Website: Xcerts Myspace Xcerts are a fantastic band. Their debut album is already out and has garnered a massive positive reception. Their new download album Live at King Tut’s is a live album (no shit Sherlock!) recorded at...ok the album title really is pretty self explanatory isn’t it? The Xcerts continue the strong recent tradition of sweet, rockin’ scottish bands, but distinguish themselves from the likes of We Were Promised Jetpacks and The Twilight Sad by sticking a little closer to the traditional. This is absolutely no slight; it just serves to highlight how solid their song-writing is, how powerful the vocals are, and how little they rely on anything remotely gimmicky to get their aural message across. Unfortunately, the obvious pitfalls of a live recording manifest themselves in this digital release. The vocals, whilst confident and affecting, wobble with a varying degree of flatness, at worst becoming seriously jarring. Whilst the sound quality is good, and the raw passion that Xcerts obviously possess does come across, the guitars lack the appropriate punch at times due to a slightly-too-loud vocal level. Nevertheless, this is music to turn up the volume too. The banter is affectionate, with a really quite touching mini-thank you speech near the end, and the crowd’s enjoyment is infectious. A good show certainly for those who were there, but for those listening to this gig second-hand it will seem slightly empty. A digital album with limited appeal then; but a nice extra for fans already in love with In The Cold Wind We Smile and potentially a turn off if you’ve not approached the studio release first. Rating: 6/10 Watch XcertsMP3:"