Minimal electronic duo Xeno & Oaklander will be releasing their new album Par Avion (which translates to 'by plane') on 24 June through Ghostly International, their first release with the label. Vocalist Liz Wendelbo said that the album is mainly focused around the topic of synesthesia, saying “Sound makes me think of a scent, which makes me think of an image, which makes me think of a certain kind of light.” The record is filled with contrasts between dark and light, and you may be able to get a hint of that on the record's first single 'Interface' which you can listen to below. Pre-order your copy over at Ghostly if it strikes your fancy.

  • Tracklist:
  • 1. Interface
  • 02. Lastly
  • 03. Sheen
  • 04. Par Avion
  • 05. Jasmine Nights
  • 06. Reflections
  • 07. Nuage d'Ivoire
  • 08. Providence
  • 09. G. Bruno

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