Xiu Xiu took a rather unconventional method when they released their music video for 'Stupid in the Dark' last week. Why is it unconventional, you ask? Well, they chose to premiere their new music video for 'Black Dick' on Pornhub. Both tracks are taken from the band's latest album Angel Guts: Red Classroom and this one is going to need a bit of explaining. It's incredibly NSFW, featuring shots of hardcore sex acts with random clips of kittens or dogs thrown in for good measure. If you're familiar with the band's work this probably won't surprise you at all, but for those of you that aren't, you may be taken aback.

Xiu Xiu have provided a safe for work website for you to visit that includes an explanation of the video (some people have incorrectly called it racist) and a link to it as well.

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