Photos: Sarah Dorman

Clout began playing to a nearly empty room. Most people were milling around outside in the bar, possibly avoiding the weirdly square and punishing hot room that is the music venue contained within the Hoxton Garden and Kitchen. Then again, it's possibly that they were just avoiding the horrific noise that Clout produced. For at least the early section of Clout's set all that came across was an incompetent attempt to sound like Women. I warmed to the band as they went on, as they began to appear more like a cohesive group, and produced some noise-rock that could be considered only a bit below average.

As the room gradually filled, and slightly less gradually increased in temperature the wait for Yacht became unbearable. However, their arrival on stage alleviated all discomfort from most of the crowd by the miracle of distraction. Yacht looked, and sounded wonderful. It's impossible for photos, or description to quite do them justice. Imagine a typical 80s pop singer, in all her odd-ball splendor, then imagine something similar but better. You're probably about half way there, in addition to that the way the band move works perfectly with their look. There's a grace, but also an alien wierdness to the movement of Claire. She's a performer to her very core, and her every on stage action is magnified to a theatrical level that could be described as over acting.

Musically the band really come alive in their performance, personally I'm not the biggest fan of Yacht on record, but in a live context they sound so much better. Partially this is due to their appearance, and movement, but the music feels more forceful and lively. Everything works, and fits together to create a mesmerising performance that makes you want to dance along, but never stop watching.

Another of the major strengths of this gig was the fun band were having. They genuinely enjoyed the inter-song banter, showing us a power-point presentation of “band facts” that was actually, comedy club, funny. Ridiculous dance moves were pulled, band members wandered about in the audience, and the energy level never decreased. It could possibly be said that the crowd was a little too self consciously cool to really ever let themselves get involved as they should have done, but that's hardly the fault of the band. An excellent show all round.