The run up to YACHT's new album I Thought The Future Would Be Cooler has so far been packed with tidbits of technological triumph: a trailer shot with drones, a 4K lyric video, and a music video that only plays when there's a surge in Uber prices in the California area. Now, with new single 'Ringtone', they're taking on something is almost becoming a practice of yesteryear – the phone conversation.

"'Ringtone' is about how actually talking on the phone has become so rare that it's almost sensual—even frightening. Voices are charged with meaning that text alone can't convey," YACHT tell us via email. "This is particularly interesting in the light of the fact that although we rarely talk to one another, we do chatter constantly with little female assistants imprisoned in our phones."

Set to a thumping disco beat and beset with pulsing synth bass, with woozy melodies and demanding, phone-based lyrics, the new single is a chaotic illustration of the somewhat confounding juncture at which we find ourselves at the hands of technology, the paradox of living in a more connected world, yet in some (a lot of) ways being more disconnected from each other on a personal level more than ever.

I Thought The Future Would Be Cooler is out soon on Downtown Records.