For those of you (like me) who accidentally read this like an American date, this is not a new track from twee popsters about their special someone cuddling them like a piece of grammar. If so, this new single will make you sit up in shock at their newly developed cojones.

Probably because it's the new single from YADi, the tipped songstress who's "quintessentially British" heritage also draws from Algerian, Italian and Norwegian bloodlines. It's a booming statement of intent, with its pounding heavyweight production underlying YADi's soaring vocal melodies. Drawing influences in its percussive pound from tribal rhythms and the co-writing credit of Ariel Rechtshald (Haim, Major Lazer, Usher), it's a slinky, pulsing entrance 2013. On the basis of the production team behind her, also including Doc McKinney (The Weeknd, Drake), Joe Goddard (Hot Chip) and somewhat oddly Scuba, there's certainly the support from Warner Bros to make it a very busy year indeed. There's even a video to accompany the song shot on location in Morocco.

Whilst it's not as riddled with entrancing complexity as her press release might like to think, it is certainly a very promising example of YADi's melodic sensibilities and sophisticated, powerful presence.