South Korean singer Yaeji has been one of the surprise packages of 2017. Springing out of Seoul with her debut EP earlier in the year, her deft vocal abilities - switching easily between English and Korean - paired with her tasteful electronic production skills and immediately caught the ears of listeners around the world. Since then her profile has risen considerably, helped by her summer remix of Drake's 'Passionfruit'.

Now she is preparing to release EP2 on November 3rd, which comprises 5 new tracks and her version of 'Passionfruit'. You can now hear and listen to the emphatic and infectious new song 'drink i'm sippin on' below, which gives you a full glimpse of the true character of Yaeji.

Yaeji will be playing select dates in Paris (November 2nd), Los Angeles (November 4th) and Seoul (November 11th) around the release of the EP.

EP2 track list:

1. feelings change
2. raingurl
3. drink i'm sippin on
4. passionfruit
5. after that
6. voices