Big Star - 'Big Black Car'

I own a large black car. It's a Daimler SIX funeral limousine which was up until recently used for transporting mourners to churches and crematoriums. I'm determined to show the car some joy in the autumn of its years and when I'm off tour I like to take it to various National Trust properties around the country. This song reminds me of a leisurely drive to Hampton Court where I placed this song on repeat and drifted west out of London in my chauffeur's uniform. Big Star don't seem to fit into any clique which is one of their many turn-ons for me. Third album, which this song is off, is worth a good listen if you aren't familiar with them.

Psychic Ills - 'I Don't Mind'

Just managed to sink my teeth into this new record two days ago on the drive out of Glastonbury. Feeling a little buckled, this made me slip into a warm corner and sink further into the leather trim. It reminds me of a lot of things I'm into which can only be a good thing. The track 'I Don't Mind' features Hope Sandoval from Mazzy Star, and is the gateway into the album Inner Way Out. They manage to find some more miles in a well-covered area.

Container - 'Eject'

My colleague Andy described this as a different flavour of thud and I would agree. We bumped into Container's Ren Schofield a month back at a festival in Gent, Belgium and he just rocked up on his own fresh off the euro train with a drum machine, a cassette player and a bag of tape. We were blown away by the stuff he was kicking out.

Terry Riley - 'Music For the Gift'

As we are on tour at the moment we have to cover a few mile between gigs so we listen to a lot of repetitive music to make the time pass quicker and to put ourselves into a trance-like state. We come on to Terry Riley's 'In C' or 'A Rainbow In Curved Air' before every show but his record Music For The Gift is his first recording. I have attached a recent interview as he put it better than I could but, basically, he is pissing about with a tape machine making loops out of Chet Baker playing in Paris with his mates. Worth a listen.

Beak - 'Wulfstan II'

Elliot and Andy are currently soundchecking and they seem to be butchering this track, so maybe that should round off my tracks nicely as i'ts my queue to get off and do my bit...?

You can watch Yak's 'Use Somebody' video by heading here.