YAMANTAKA // SONIC TITAN have announced details for their sophomore album, UZU, which will be released on 29th October via Suicide Records in the US and Paper Bag Records in Canada. You can stream ‘One’ from UZU below, and I can guarantee you’ve never heard anything like it before. Their unique blend of classical Japanese drama and the “nihilistic art-punk scene of pre-Giuliani New York City” combined with the concept of a rock opera shows their wide range of influences for UZU. Take a listen to ‘One’ below. The band will also be announcing some fall US tour dates soon, so keep an eye out for those. They’ve been known to have theatrical-like performances where they wear elaborate Kabuki style costumes and construct intricate stage settings out of cardboard, so it’s a tour not to be missed!

  • 01. Atalanta
  • 02. Whalesong
  • 03. Lamia
  • 04. Windflower
  • 05. Hall of Mirrors
  • 06. Seasickness Pt. 1
  • 07. Seasickness Pt. 2
  • 08. Bring Me The Hand Of Bloody Benzaiten
  • 10. Saturn's Return

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