I always remember Mos Def as the impossibly cool object of Alicia Keys' affection in the video for 'You Don't Know My Name, but in addition to being one of the finest MCs of his peers and acclaimed actor, Mos Def, or Yasiin Bey, has also donated his time and resources to causes in which he believes. Today however, a short film has been released of him taking an extra step.

One of the many major grievances with Guantanamo Bay is that any prisoners attempting a hunger strike are force fed. As the Muslim faith enters into the month of Ramadan, fasting becomes an integral part of daily life. Yet, the force feeding continues.

We might hear about this, or read it on the news, then go about our business. What Mos Def, Human Rights organisation Reprieve and Bafta award-winning director Asif Kapadia have done is given a vivid depiction of what a force feeding actually is. It makes going about your business just a little harder. Discretion is advised, but you can watch the film here.