London five-piece Years & Years have are set to release their debut single 'I Wish I Knew' next week, but to warm up to that we've got the premiere of the tracks b-side, 'Whale'.

'Whale’ is more down tempo than what we've heard from the band in the past; combining this with the a-side is a great snapshot of what this band are capable of. Taking a more democratic approach to the song writing process, guitarist explains how anyone can introduce an idea, "Someone will come in with a concept or an idea and then we basically bash the living shit out of it until we have something great."

That laid back approach is something you should expect from a band who found their lead singer in the most irregular of places, one of the bands founding member's Mikey explains: "I was round a friend’s house where Olly was renting a room, heard him singing in the shower and thought, Yeah, he’s got a good voice'."

Check out 'Whale', below.