Yem Gel is the new moniker for the London-based producer Alecs Pierce, who has formerly worked under the names Obsidian Pond, gristed petunia , Handi Dogh, Atrocious Neighbour, and Historically Fucked, each of which provided different outlets for his various sonic proclivities, from tape looping to treated animal noises. This was all prelude to where he is now though, stepping forward as Yem Gel with a focus on electronic instruments to create complex productions in the ilk of some of the most revered producers in the world today like Arca and Oneohtrix Point Never.

But, if the new single 'Knotg3rl' does flicker with memories of those famed names, it doesn't last for long, as Yem Gel soon flips another switch and the picture has completely changed. It's no surprise to learn that Alecs Pierce is also a visual artist, as 'Knotg3rl' is a vivid and tactile piece, immediately inducing the listener to picture divergent shapes and colours, which somehow hold together through Yem Gel's singularly cohesive style. The six minute track never once stops to let you catch your breath, instead whisking you through a barrage of sounds both familiar and non, as if he's led you down a corridor full of doors to other universes and is flinging them open recklessly, ambushing you with sights and sounds from all sides.

The sheer mass of ideas in 'Knotg3rl' suggest that even at a seemingly slight 4 tracks, Yem Gel's debut EP Knot Being will be a deep dive. We'll find out when it's released on June 15th through Django Django's Kick N Clap label - pre-order here.