Label: Neon Gold Release Date: 15/03/10 Website: Myspace With a glut of synth-pop inspired artists present today that sound like they’ve been cryogenically frozen since 1983, it’s going to take something that bit special to stand-out from the rest. Where do Yes Giantess fit into this much covered genre then? Read on and find out. As is a must with any budding electro types, Yes Giantess has unleashed unto the blogging community some pretty solid remixes – Every Little Earthquake by Little Boots comes to mind. Have a Google, go on. The four-piece Boston types differ from many (not all of course) contemporaries as no guitars are to be found at all, a wholly synth driven affair (3 synthers in total counted). The Ruins contains the classic catchy chorus drop, as Friendly Fires execute superbly; and that comparison is a fair one on the whole, with some added chirpy light Delphic bleeps complimenting. A prowling attitude is present that saves YG from falling by the generic indie-pop wayside. This saving factor features an interesting battle of paternity rights between Prince and Michael Jackson, a welcome slice of glam in the heavy bass intro and also the slightly gritty yet soprano vocals of Jan Rosenfeld. Their record label describes them with this very convenient quotable quote as ...the sonic equivalent of flying down the yellow brick road while its raining ecstasy and skittles. Well, whilst this is true to a certain extent and their music is a pleasant experience full of bubbly effervescence – just imagine the consequences of walking down a yellow brick road precipitating ecstasy and skittles. After a bit, you’d start to feel quite sickly yes? Serotonin overload? It’s just too sugar sweet at times. But, there is certainly something here, and a band that translate so much better to the live world.