YesYou may be a new proposition to us Islanders, but the dance/pop duo from Brisbane have been making significant waves that are just beginning to lap impatiently against our shores. Hyped by national tastemaker Jen Long (BBC), the band are adept in creating tight and infectious pop songs featuring immaculately produced and tinged with handclaps and a general feel that suggests certain dance influences.

Due to release the single 'Frivolous Life' on October 15th, we can today reveal a lovely remix by fellow Aussie, Paces. The solo soundsmith soaks much of the track in a glut of reverb whilst taking apart the original and meticulously reworks it as a piece that is competent in its treatment of space and texture. Fortunately, nothing is lost in translation as both pieces retain some excellent hooks and are equally enjoyable. Have a listen to Paces' remix right below!