Paris is known primarily for two reasons, the Eiffel tower and uncompromising coolness - the latter of which is certainly appropriate for Parisian 3-piece Yeti Lane. Despite signing to renowned shoegaze label 'Sonic Cathedral', it would be unfair to classify the band as such. As much as the cliché pains me to say, the band's sound is impossible to define; they somehow manage to fuse Grandaddy-esque Indie-pop, New Order-esque Electronica and Krautrock, concocting a sound more ambivalent than the politics of the Parisian ghettos. Luckily however, Yeti Lane somehow manage to effortlessly pull off such a feat with Parisian grace. Name: Yeti Lane About us: Ben Pleng: Three impatient guys spending time playing music. Charlie: I play drums and electronics with the French indie rock band Yeti Lane. Listening to: Charlie: These days I’m mostly listening to krautrock, from Neu! to Amon Düül II, and also more modern things like Beak> or Turzi. Ben Pleng: LFO / Sheath Reading: Charlie: I’ve read a lot of Chuck Palahniuk novels during these last months but I’m starting to saturate … Ben Pleng: The Fantastic Four Volume 2 Video for 'Lonesome George' Watching: Charlie: I’ve just seen The Road yesterday night. It’s one of the most realistic novel adaptation I’ve ever seen. I really liked it but it’s so depressing … Ben Pleng: Truffaut's Fahrenheit 451 Playing: Charlie: New Super Mario Bros Wii edition. Ben Pleng: Zoo Keeper Eating: Charlie: Thai Ben Pleng: Chocolate Anything else?: Ben Pleng: It's us and we try to stay connected Promo Info Charlie: Yeti Lane’s debut album is going to come out in January. Some gigs will follow… Ben Pleng: Yeti Lane, January 25, Sonic Cathedral