Label: Sonic Cathedral Recordings Release date: (05/10/09) Website: French Trio Yeti Lane’s forthcoming single ‘Lonesome George’ is a striking mix of electronic synths, 70s keyboards, and great guitar and vocals that come together to create a surprisingly harmonious song that is sure to keep your head bobbing! The A side, ‘Lonesome George’, opens with a rolling, rapid, electronic synth arpeggio - this really helps you get into the fast paced rhythm of the rest of the song, especially when the snappy drums come in. The tone on the guitar is really nice and clear, the melody it creates sounds very harmonic – it is the kind of sound I would love to chill out to. The singer’s voice is great and very easy to listen to as well. After a few listens you will no doubt be singing along - it sure is catchy! As the song progresses the standard rock instruments are all that is obviously audible; the drums start to build up and then the electronic arpeggio sound from the start comes back in for the chorus which I think creates an amazing climax. Despite the electronic influences (that we see more and more in rock music nowadays) the song doesn’t stand out as something especially different from other indie rock. Nonetheless it is a really nice song to have playing when you’re by yourself, with friends, or when you just want to dance! I wasn’t as impressed by the B side, ‘This Day’, mainly because it doesn’t seem to be as bold as ‘Lonesome George’, and I couldn’t help thinking the different styles of music involved in it didn’t work so cordially together. The guitar at the start made me think it would be a mellow Jack Johnson style piece that I might chance to hear in a cafe. It soon switches to a more melancholic vibe before changing again to an upbeat chorus. This song does have some really pleasant ethereal background noises that start to come in after the first chorus however. I would recommend this band and I will definitely be keeping an eye out for their forthcoming album now. I would give ‘Lonesome George’ an 8/10, but as a whole I would give the release a... Rating: 7/10