Just because they have X’s on their hands at the gig, doesn’t mean they’re anything less than rock stars. The teenagers of YIP YOPS (one is technically 20, but still underage in America) have built a name for themselves by playing live shows around the city; their boisterous synth pop tastes that much sweeter when performed in bold, coordinated outfits. On the heels of their Eyes EP, and ahead of their tour with Lauren Ruth Ward, the band has a brand new single which they are debuting today; listen to 'She' exclusively below.

Historically, songs by men about women don’t hold up well, but YIP YOPS attack from a different angle. Aside from the traits that make this a raucous anthem, the song itself is versatile. Taken at face value, “she” is a pronoun, acting as little more than a placeholder for something greater–that mystery fuels the track. Replace “she” with “I” in the lyrics and it becomes introspective, navigating the complexity of our human perspective; replace “she” with “god” and the song becomes spiritual lore. Once you hear it, there’s no going back; now’s the time to worship at the altar of YIP YOPS.

If you’re on the west coast of the US, grab tickets to one of YIP YOPS’ shows with Lauren Ruth Ward here. Otherwise, follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.