Previously going by the name yng sad悲しい若い, the Baltimore producer has now changed it up to become 若い蒸気 yng vapor.

The music of this particular track 'Beyond' is a mélange of unplaceable, organo-synthetic vaporwave flavours and hard trap beats, therefore: vaportrap. Deal with it if you can. If you can't, ignore this.

Swathes of slightly jazz-chords soar like softly floating mist, changed up with these chords becoming choppy and more legible later on when the beat rattles through it like a sonic juggernaut, booming beats and uzi hi-hats carving up the ambience with cleaver effectiveness.

But then! A dynamic cut, silence, and we tumble into a pool of lo-fi synth phasing all around us, a second movement to the song, a slow motion mirror of the first part, fading out as it gallops away from us into the distance, an intangible dream.

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