One of the longest-running rock bands currently working is the ever-evolving trio of Yo La Tengo, who are now well into their fourth decade as a band. By no means are they thinking about slowing down or retiring any time soon, as the announcement of their new album proves. Yo La Tengo will release their fifteenth album There's A Riot Going On through long-time home Matador on March 16th.

Along with the announcement come four brand new tracks from the 15-track opus; 'You Are Here', 'Shades Of Blue', 'She May, She Might' and 'Out Of The Pool'. Knowing Yo La Tengo's penchant for monolithic guitar riffs, you'd expect songs from an album called There's A Riot Going On to be loud and cathartic, but in fact the band have gone the complete other direction, presenting soft, almost ambient rock songs - so rich and warm that you feel as if you are submerging yourself in a warm bubble bath as you listen.

So why the title There's A Riot Going On? Well, as some of you have probably noticed, the title is a direct rip off of the Sly and The Family Stone album from 1971; at that time in America, political turmoil seemed to be reaching a breaking point and Sly released the album in response to that. That is exactly how Yo La Tengo feel about the current regime in the USA, and they are putting out their own There's a Riot Going On to signal their feelings, but rather than get worked up about it, it seems they're trying to soothe and salve the rage with delicate and beautifully crafted rock songs.

The four new tracks are available now on Spotify or your preferred streaming platform, and can be heard below.

Yo La Tengo will be touring extensively behind There's A Riot Going On, including a show at London's Royal Festival Hall on May 4th. Pre-order the album ahead of its March 16th release date right here.