Another 30th anniversary! These celebrations just don't stop. Time waits for nobody so you might as well embed your own milestones along the way. Which is what Yo La Tengo have done, reissuing their 1993 album, Painful.

The reissue is called Extra Painful which is cute and clever. But what's special about it? What's so extra about it? Well, apparently it's gonna be packed full with stickers and various paper-based peripherals – a YLT Gazette newsletter (first in 14 years, they say), some liner notes – and comes either as a double LP or CD, whose tracklisting is so extensive you'll have to look in more detail over here.

BUT WAIT. There is more. Not much, but there is more. When you pre-order the album you can also answer a trivia question, presumably about Yo La Tengo, which – if answered correctly – gives you a chance of winning a ticket to one of the band's 30th anniversary shows at Town Hall in New York. You'll also win copies of their LPs still in circulation or however you say it. On their tour they will also be dedicating entire shows to playing the score for The Love Song Of R. Buckminster Fuller, a documentary about 20th century inventor, futurist and engineer, Buckminster Fuller, who called himself a "comprehensive anticipatory design scientist."

Um… anyway…

Feel free to pre-order Extra Painful if you want, which is out 2nd December on the same label that brought it to you the first time, Matador. Here are some dates for their 30th anniversary tour, not before listening to the crunchy 'Big Day Coming' though.

29th Portland, ME - State Theatre (The Love Song Of R. Buckminster Fuller score)
30th Burlington, VT - Flynn Center (The Love Song Of R. Buckminster Fuller score)

7th New Orleans, LA - Contemporary Arts Center (The Love Song Of R. Buckminster Fuller score)
9th Austin, TX - Fun Fun Fun Fest
12th Vancouver, British Columbia - PuSh Festival (The Love Song Of R. Buckminster Fuller score)

3rd New York, NY - Town Hall (30th Anniversary Show with Antietam)
4th New York, NY - Town Hall (30th Anniversary Show with the Feelies)
5th Washington, DC - 9:30 Club (30th Anniversary Show with Lambchop)
6th Philadelphia, PA - Trocadero (30th Anniversary Show with Antietam)