Augmented reality isn't something that's taken off just yet - it's got a presence in the gaming world, but not really anywhere else. Wearing your technology, however, is totally the future, and it seems the Japanese have come up with a combination of the two that's going to help travellers of the world.

Japanese telecoms firm NTT Docomo, the company behind the glasses, says: "Character recognition technology enables instant language translation for users travelling abroad and reading restaurant menus and other documents."

In simpler terms, the glasses, unveiled at a preview of the Ceatec electronics trade show in the Tokyo suburb of Chiba, use augmented reality to project text in the native language of their wearer over foreign signs and menus. The specs can also turn any flat surface into a touchscreen, with the wearing using a finger ring to work it.

Don't get too over-excited though; we're not going to be seeing these things in stores any time soon. Apparently, the gadget could be available in time for the city's hosting of the Olympics in 2020. It's probably not going to kill Google Glass, but it could make you look like less of an idiot on holiday. [via Telegraph]

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