Johanne Swanson likes to call her own shots. You've heard 'Apart' and 'Badges' now here's a new video for 'Creep Date' from the Wisconsin dream-haze artist performing under the musical alias of Yohuna.

Her new video, directed by Rosita Lama Muvdi, is a modest display of staying power, proof that the niche Swanson's ghostly vocal chant sits in hasn't suffered yet from overtly hyped-up synth distortions or sample heavy insertion.

During a track of perpetually weightless downbeat and stark minimalism the video opposes with vampirish fast-cut edits still telling her sadistic story quite calmly. There's no threat of real impact or attack (from the song and video) and from what I can only assume, was inspired by the opening lyric "Still feels used."

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